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SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery is Omaha’s Only Center for Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery.

Welcome to! At SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery in Omaha, Nebraska, we practice “minimally invasive cosmetic surgery.” Our vision is to restore harmony in your life, while promoting wellness of the whole person, inside and out!

Cosmetic Surgeon and Medical Director Gerard J. Stanley, Jr., M.D. performs all procedures under local and oral anesthesia. By eliminating general anesthesia, Dr. Stanley is able to minimize surgical risks associated with general anesthesia. Dr. Stanley can be more gentle with the patient and take more time with you during surgery, resulting in exceptionally reduced downtime. Most of our patients are back to work or their normal routines within a few days.

Voted Readers’ Choice “Best Cosmetic Surgeon,” Dr. Stanley and SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery is nationally renowned for providing the latest cosmetic surgical procedures, and we are proud to be the most comprehensive center for truly contemporary cosmetic surgery. At SCULPT in Omaha, we offer the latest in minimally invasive liposuction, “scalpel-less” face lifts and eyelid lifts, natural breast augmentation, breast implants, butt lifts and more. SCULPT was the first cosmetic surgical center in Omaha using Platelet-rich Plasma to rejuvenate the face. We only utilize the most cutting edge technology on the market. Your comfort and safety is our top priority!

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