SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT)

Surgical and aesthetic procedures at Sculpt Omaha are created to offer the best possible outcome for patients, while taking into account comfort, top of the line techniques, the desires of the patient, and minimal recovery time. While there are a variety of cosmetic treatments and procedures, and clinics that promise to rejuvenate the skin, restore, and sculpt the body, none of them offer the same result that we do here at Sculpt Omaha. Dr. Stanley spends ample time with patients during their consultations prior to treatments and procedures to make sure they achieve the best possible results.

Our surgical procedures not only live up to the promise of the potential for lifelong change and increased confidence made by Dr. Stanley and his surgical team, but they are backed by the most innovative techniques to decrease surgical trauma. These surgical procedures are minimally invasive in comparison to any others like them in the United States, all with an average downtime of three days or less.

Sculpt Omaha's Surgical Procedures Include:

Aesthetic treatments at Sculpt Omaha provide rejuvenation of the face and body using our laser and non-invasive treatments. For patients beginning to see premature signs of aging that don't yet require surgical intervention, we recommend the following treatments.

Aesthetic, Laser and Non-Invasive Treatments Include:

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Meet Dr. Stanley

As the medical director of SCULPT: Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Stanley is at the forefront of the most exciting advances in the field of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Stanley believes that helping patients look and feel their best requires a keen understanding of the latest technology and techniques coupled with an artistic application. He has always been noted for his commitment to patients and for providing a level of care and service that is unparalleled. Compassion, honesty, and integrity are qualities that Dr. Stanley lives by.

He believes that every patient deserves access to the most cutting-edge and minimally invasive procedures possible in order to achieve a true sense of harmony.

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