Fractional Laser Treatment

Fractional Laser Treatment

At SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery, our Cutera xeo® aesthetic laser system is a multi-function platform that can address several aesthetic concerns, including visible signs of aging as well as sun damage with fractional laser treatments.

Serving Omaha and surrounding areas in Nebraska, SCULPT is led by Dr. Gerard Stanley. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out more about fractional laser skin rejuvenation.

Q. What is Fractional Laser Treatment?

Laser treatments are clinically proven to remodel and revitalize skin from the inside out, but many of these procedures require healing and downtime. One of the main benefits of fractional laser treatment is its ability to treat one small section of skin at a time, leaving healthy areas intact while also stimulating collagen production below the surface for faster results and minimal downtime.

Q. Fractional laser treatment can safely and effectively target:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Dull complexion

Q. How Does Fractional Laser Treatment Work?

The Cutera xeo® fractional modality works by targeting fractions of treated areas at a time, creating small microchannels in the skin that are invisible to the naked eye. These tiny channels stimulate the skin’s natural healing response, increasing collagen production and adding a stronger, more flexible foundation to help combat visible signs of aging. This also leaves areas of healthy skin intact, which aids in the healing process for faster results.

Q. What are the Benefits of Fractional Laser Treatment?

  • Less downtime than traditional laser procedures
  • Skin remodeling from the inside out using the body’s natural healing response
  • Fast, convenient treatments that are easy to schedule for busy patients
  • An ideal combination of safety, comfort, and patient experience
  • Long-lasting results that can be maintained through regular treatment and a good skincare regimen

Q. Is There Any Downtime?

The Cutera xeo® is designed with patient safety in mind, creating dynamic results with minimal to no downtime. Although fractional laser treatments are less extensive than full laser resurfacing, treated areas may appear pink or slightly flushed, which is a good indicator that the skin’s healing response has begun. All relevant safety information will be shared with you prior to your treatment, and a plan will be designed to address all of your aesthetic concerns.

Contact SCULPT today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stanley and our medical team and find out how fractional laser treatment can reduce your sun damage and visible signs of aging from the inside out.