The most important aspect of any cosmetic surgery procedure is an established communication between doctor and patient. At SCULPT, Dr. Stanley likes to meet each patient with a complimentary consult, where you get to talk about your goals and expectations post-surgery. Dr. Stanley will then come up with a surgical plan, agreeable to you and your desired outcome.

Depending on your needs, SCULPT offers several options for breast augmentation. The first is Breast Cosmoplasty, or Breast Implants. We offer both silicone and saline implants to enhance the size and volume of your breasts. The second is Natural Breast Augmentation, where Dr. Stanley liposuctions fat, typically, from your abdomen, and injects that harvested fat into the breasts. The third option is a Breast Lift, or a Mastopexy, where Dr. Stanley is able to lift the skin of breast to restore volume and that youthful lift, or perk, in the breast.

Q. How does Dr. Stanley achieve decreased downtime for Breast Augmentation patients?

Dr. Stanley is the only Cosmetic Surgeon in the Omaha area focusing on Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery. That means Dr. Stanley can perform your breast augmentation with local anesthesia. By eliminating general anesthesia, we are able to eliminate the risks associated with general anesthesia (i.e. extended downtime and soreness, severe naseau, pulmonary embolism, etc.). In addition, since you have the option for this awake breast augmentation, Dr. Stanley is more gentle with the tissue, and he takes more time during your procedure; therefore, there is less trauma to the tissue, which results in less soreness and bruising in the days after your breast augmentation. SCULPT also offers IV sedation for cosmetic surgery patients.

Q. Do I have the option for general anesthesia?

Yes, SCULPT offers an option for general anesthesia. Dr. Stanley works exclusively with Memorial Community Hospital in Blair, Nebraska for patients who would like general anesthesia. However, surgical facility fees may apply.

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