Blepharoplasty is the surgical removal of excess skin from either the upper or lower eyelid. In some cases, blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, is performed to improve visual defects because of the excess skin. However, most often, it is a cosmetic procedure to give the appearance of larger, brighter, healthier, and younger eyes.

At SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery in Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Stanley uses the most minimally invasive techniques for this procedure. Dr. Stanley uses the latest in radio frequency equipment, rather than a scalpel to remove the excess skin around the eye. This ensures the smallest amount of bleeding, bruising, and scarring. It also ensures the quickest possible recovery time. Many patients return to work the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blepharoplasty

Q. Who is a good candidate for Blepharoplasty?

A good candidate is a male of female age 30+ who has extra fat pads above and/or below the eyes. This person is in general good health and is a non-smoker.

Q. How long does a blepharoplasty take?

This out-patient eyelid lift procedure takes about 45 minutes to one hour.

Q. What is the downtime for this procedure?

You can expect swelling and mild bruising for a few days following your blepharoplasty; however, many of our patients go back to work the next day or two.

Q. Will I scar after a blepharoplasty?

Dr. Stanley hides the scar in the crease of the eye. Over time, and as the incision heals, the scar fades into skin color and is barely noticeable.

Q. What is the cost for Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty at SCULPT Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery costs $2500. We also charge a $750 facility fee.

Q. Is this covered by insurance?

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be eligible for reimbursement for blepharoplasty. SCULPT does not bill insurance for you, so you are responsible for getting the proper information to your insurance company. SCULPT’s patient care coordinator will give you the tools and paperwork needed to submit to your insurance company. You can be eligible for up to $600 reimbursement.

Q. Does SCULPT offer financing for this procedure?

Yes, we offer many financing options. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards, in addition to the following financing options:

This website is for those with good credit. This website will connect you with credit card companies that offer 0% financing for 15 months.

Get immediate approval for an Advance Care credit card. Options include 6 and 12 month interest free pay back periods. Advance Care has a high approval rate.

Get approved for your surgery & transact immediately with Care Credit. SCULPT offers 6 & 12 month “same as cash” promotions for those who use their Care Credit card to pay for their surgery at SCULPT. Care Credit is a credit card to be used for elective medicine and aesthetics.

United Medical Credit is a program that lends money specifically for cosmetic surgery. United Medical Credit approves loans for credit scores 525 and above. Fill out your application and find out immediately how much money you are approved for.You can also find links and applications to the above financing programs on our website: